Wednesday, December 17, 2008


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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We have decided not to refilm bits of our footage as we have noticed that on other computers you can see it fine!!!!! We are doooooone!!!

....But we will maybe add more titles!

Then we are finished!! Get ready for our final opening sequence on the blog!!!!

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We've decided after listening to classroom comments that most of our footage is bright/clear enough but we still aren't satisfied with the eye/clock shot, so Annelie is going to take out a camera again and just film those shots one more time. Today we are planning on just editing the titles and some of the shots, and we'll then just import the new footage into where the old footage was. we should be pretty much done then. yay!

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

feel i just wrote the most pessimistic thing i could. didn't mean to, i do actually think we've done good.

go team lol (+ fatrat mateus)



looking at the video and thinking it's too dark. also some of the objects that are being filmed might just be making it messier than it has to be. the dark - could be working at some point, fits with the theme but maybe one more tiny bit of filming in some lighter circumstances could make it look more attention grabbing. at some vital points e.g when the we see the eye and then the clock, i'm thinking that i'm only noticing it and thinking -okay, so now she's looking at the clock and has realised it's late and she has to go- but only because we filmed it so obviously know whats going on. to other people it might just look like an eye and then some dolls and oh a clock kinda thing. so. think we've done a pretty good job however can be bettered. but tiiime is running away.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Filming & Rough Cut

For the filming of our opening we went to Annelie's house. We filmed for over an hour and a half and were really happy with the footage we collected.
Being in location helped us to develope new ideas and changes so our footage is a bit different to our animatic.
It was hard to get the right lighting for our opening and zoom into the computer without it blurring. We over came this by covering the windows with a black cover! And we descided the blurring was a good effect!

Our rough cut looks really good and was useful as we can use final cut, photoshop and garge band a bit better. Annelie took care of the soundtrack, Hannah Crisp did the titles and i done the editing.

All we need to do now is add more titles and neaten up the editing!!


Rough cut

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